2018 Los Angeles Auto Show - Volkswagen eBikes

David Berry

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What we need now is for Volkswagen to make owning a VW ebike an experience comparable with owning a VW motor vehicle - attractive leasing arrangements, insurance, long warranty period, roadside assist (punctures!), quick service and repairs (pickup with complimentary replacement ebike) and so on. They can do it; they even have the money to run the ebike side of the business at a loss for a time.
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Automakers are very well positioned to sell ebikes, I think. They have large dealer locations, with plenty of room to show ebikes. It would be easy to take test-rides. They know how to do warranties, after-market service, loans, etc. etc. I think it is a smart move.


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They also have mechanics who are ( hopefully) becoming tech savvy - it must be a huge cost for a lbs to invest in electrical analytical equipment / train up their mechanics etc - car dealers have been plugging vehicles into computers and replacing random black boxes for decades.