2018 Trekking 6.0 Are you satisfied with the gear ratio?


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Curious if you are satisified with the gearing on the Hai Trekking. Mine has the yamaha with the dual front sprocket. The top end is lacking. I find myself riding in the top gear most of the time, sure the motor cuts out at 20 mph but that doesn’t mean the rider cant push it faster. Especially if had more top end. Curious if anyone has modified their front sprocket or cassette to give it more top end.

Nova Haibike

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48 x 11 is a pretty high gear. IMO about the only time you can actually push it faster is with some kind of assistance, either with a derestricted motor or with gravity. Otherwise, a taller gear won't allow you to go faster (unless you are a really strong rider); instead, your cadence just drops. If you are riding top gear all the time, at 20 mph, your cadence is only about 60 rpm, which is quite slow. If you want to go faster, you need to pedal faster, not change the gear ratio.