2019 Gazelle Arroyo accessories that fit

I had to return Arkel panniers because the j-hook would not connect to the carrier design. I swapped for the Ortlieb Bike-Packer Classic and found that I could get the mounts to work.

Mounted a PORTLAND DESIGN WORKS BAR-ISTA CUP HOLDER inside the handlebars because there are no bottle cage mounts on the frame. The POLAR BOTTLE INSULATED WATER BOTTLE 350ML does not drop through the cup holder. I will probably carry extra water in the panniers if needed.

An ABUS Bordo 6000 lock straps on at the lower seat tube and does not seem to ruin the step thru.

I needed to use a NITE IZE BIGFOOT LOCKER KEYRACK to store the various keys and to store the cafe lock key that you need to use, and take with you, if you don't want your battery "walking away".

An on-sale cable lock, KNOG PARTY COIL 10MM CABLE BIKE LOCK, makes 2 wraps through the seat and frame to act a seat post theft deterrent. I need to retain ease of seat height adjustment as my wife is likely to "borrow" the new ride.

A grip-end mirror that works with the swept back grips and folds for parking and when transporting the bike is a likely option; any recommendations are welcome.


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Yeah, I do wish Gazelle had included some mounts for a water bottle. Do you have the 2019 Arroyo Elite model with the integrated battery on the down tube, or do you have the older style like mine with the rack mount battery? On my 2017 Arroyo, I use this water bottle mount on the large downtube: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZFHW1MI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. It attaches with Velcro straps and actually works pretty well, but I don't think it would work on the new Elite with the integrated battery.

For a cable lock, I bought the AXA Newton Pluggable lock which plugs directly into the AXA Defender café lock that comes on the Arroyo: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AXA-Newton...m1eeaec461a:g:380AAOSwonBaSmso&frcectupt=true. This cable has a nice snap in frame mount for carrying it which I attach to my seat post. I really like this since it uses the same key as the café lock/battery lock … one less key to carry or combination to remember.
Yes the AXA option is nice since you are using that lock/key anyways. I have a separate (another key) ABUS chain that I will take to lock the front wheel also when I plan on locking my bike for a long time. That way they need to angle grind 3 locks and that is a chore and maybe their battery powered grinder will overheat? The cable locks cut like butter with the right tools/technique.

I have the large front downtube so even the velcro add on bottles would not work well. That is why I am going with the coffee mug holder and water bottles that don't fall through it. I still could add something on the upper seatpost frame section. I will wait for some expedition experience to see what I need.


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I lost a full water bottle on some bump somewhere; I did not even see it vanish as I was probably busy watching for potholes. I have replaced with the next size up water bottle and will add a loop of shock cord that I can put over the top of the bottle. Perhaps a real bottle cage is in the future?
I swapped for the Ortlieb Bike-Packer Classic and found that I could get the mounts to work.
Followup on the Ortlieb panniers; I love them but the bottom fitting is rubbing on the frame strut since it is outside and rubs at the bottom pannier fitting. Added some sacrificial tape to the frame strut for now.