2019 Gazelle Arroyo Elite

Doesn't seem like it's been officially announced yet (and from what I hear it won't be available until March), but I stumbled upon a listing for Gazelle's 2019 Arroyo Elite on Scooteretti today:


Biggest difference is the battery — they've moved away from the rear rack-mounted Powerpack 500 and introduced an integrated Powertube 500 battery.

Other things to note:
  • Motor downgraded to the Bosch Active Line Plus (previously used the Performance Line motor)
  • Comes with the Purion display (previously came with the Intuvia)
  • Lights are back to being integrated in the fenders
  • Costs $100 more than last year
I was debating waiting for this model but ultimately decided to go with the 2018 version because of the more powerful motor and better display.

What do you all think?


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I think you made a good decision to stay with the better motor on the 2018 model. I love my 2017 Gazelle Arroyo, which has the Performance Line/Intuvia and the front light integrated in the fender.