2019 Rad Rover fenders


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Hi all. First post. I'm thinking of installing the full fenders on my 2019 Rad Rover. Checked out the install instructions from Rad. They combine previous years with the 2019 instructions. I'm not clear on whether the rear wheel needs to be removed on the 2019. Anyone install these and can comment? Also on ease of install ? I did try a site search and came up empty.


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I have the fenders on my 2018 Rad. They went on in just a few minutes. They are quality fenders and sturdier than I see with after markets. I can’t see why the 2019 would be much different.


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I have a 2019 Rad with the fenders. They went on without any trouble. I did find the instructions didn't exactly match the bike but if I can figure it out anybody can. I have the rear rack also.