2019 RadMini - Rear Rack Install Help


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Waited over month for it to be back in stock and ordered immediately last week, along with the small basket.

When attempting to install the lower\rear 33mm bolts on the rear rack, I cannot get either of the two screwed in more than halfway. Did some google searching and have seen other YouTube vids where people have same problem and have actually snapped the top of the bolt completely off. I was able to successfully back the bolt out on mine. I have reached out to Rad Support last night but have yet to hear back. An impact driver wouldn't even make the bolt budge.

Just wondering if anyone had a work around. Not sure if a smaller diameter screw\nut will work ok and keep the rack from rattling. any help is appreciated!

Thank you!


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I don't have a Radmini; but, did install a Topeak rear rack on my Radrover. I also had a hard time with some of the rack screws. I thought the same thing about the screws being too large and the next size down was too small. I think paint got into the holes making it difficult to screw into place. It might help to insert/remove the screws several times without the rack attached to see if that helps clean out the treads.

I also had issues with the screws slowly backing out over time with normal riding. I would have to double-check the screw torque a few times a month. Adding blue loctite that comes in a chapstick looking tube has kept them in place at full torque for +2 years.