2020 Surface Rook and Colt: user 'tunable' torque sensing !

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The new S604's arrived this past week, and they are definitely an upgrade over prior products, with some very nice features, making this a compelling alternative to a lot of much higher priced mid drives.

Most impressive is the torque sensing, always a unique attribute for a hub drive, and now Surface includes the ability for a rider to 'tune' the sensitivity which really makes a big difference for the wide variety of rider preferences. Some people feel like torque sensing requires 'too much effort' depending upon the brand of mid drive, while others really want the exercise benefit of effort from pedaling, which can now be changed irrespective of assist levels. So never any worries about not getting the cadence or speed you prefer for each level of assist. Amazing !

The ride and pedaling is super smooth, and there is absolutely no jerking, or jolts, or sudden pushing you, which is invaluable in terms of safety through turns.

With the new color display comes a lot more ability for advanced setting changes well beyond what I have seen on any other ebike. Too much to review here, but perhaps Court will touch upon some when he reviews these new surface ebikes soon.

A lot of little things internally and externally are improved, such as the fenders with more robust and secure attachments to the front fork, and for the back as well, along with better electrical - XT60 connectors at the controller for power, so serviceability and reliability improved there. The grips are much more comfortable, though the seat could be a bit softer. Lights are well integrated, with night time auto on, and rear Brake light. A user settable password for the display (optional to set up), can make the ebike useless for whoever might steal it.

Theres a lot more, but you'll either need to go see your nearest Surface dealer and try one before they are gone, or wait until Court does his review and they sell out for months. ;)
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