500 seat

i have had my 500 for a week and have ridden it twice for an hour or so each time. I haven't had a bike for many years and LOVE it!
Problem is my tailbone is killing me! It is fine while seated in a chair but standing up is murder. I *think* my saddle height is correct and I try to use proper posture.
Would this be a seat padding issue or seat style, or is it to be expected for an out of shape newb?

In addition to looking at your fit on the bike you probably want to consider a BodyFloat or Thudbuster seatpost suspension, seriously improved my hardtail Dash, heck I even use it on a full suspension Haibike. -S

Paul E.

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I second that. No amount of adjusting got rid of butthurt from riding on a somewhat bumpy bike path but getting a Thudbuster did it.