5'6" Female Looking for a Fat Tire Bike

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by WaiLingLo, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Hi all! Newbie here! I've been doing my research on ebikes for a while and believe a fat tire bike would make the most sense to me because of the versatility of the bike. I'm 5'6" with an inseam of 29.5". While I like the specs of the RadRover and Voltbike Yukon 750, but I'm not sure if the bikes would be too big for me. There's also the M2S All Terrain R750. It comes in a low step thru frame (which I like the most), but they're out of stock until Feb/Mar and I don't want to wait that long. Are there other options? Or should I focus on getting a folding fat tire bikes?

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    Court had a blast testing the VoltBike Mariner on a beach in Mexico, it is very close to the similar RadMini and both companies have been making upgrades since Court's reviews. Both bikes now use the same motor, same size 11.6ah battery, 180mm brake rotors, 20x4 fat tires, metal folding pedals, twist throttle, and metal cages to protect the derailleur/motor wires, and front chain ring when folded. The differences are the Mariner has a lower 24" stand over height vs 26.5" (Yukon has a 29.5" stand over height), it's slightly cheaper even with the $70 shipping charge to the US, and comes with some accessories you don't get on the RadMini like seatpost suspension, fenders, and a free DoT polo style helmet.
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    what kind of riding do you plan to do?

    dont think you would go wrong with a radmini or voltbike mariner- i dont have any experience with the sondors fold but it may be a good option too

    i am 5'6" and have a rad rover
    the rover is on the big side, it is doable but i have another smaller frame off brand bike similar to the rover and it is easier for me to "handle" overall

    also have a radmini in my ebike stable and have to say for riding 25-35 miles think i prefer the rover, the bigger tires and the front shock just seem to give a better ride overall

    one thing that is an issue for me on the rover is my favorite bike seat is a big cruiser type seat, that pushes me forward and make the taller top bar more of an issue, when i ride it with a smaller footprint seat the top tube/bike fits me better ...

    hope some of this helps
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