About to buy a 2018 Turbo Vado 6.0 (grey, large), anything I should know?


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I guess this frame/color combo is almost sold out (was tough to locate), but I'm having one sent to my local Erik's Bike Shop. It's on closeout for $3850. I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow or Saturday.

Specialized said it won't work with the Mission Control app, but there should be a replacement cpu early next year that can be retrofitted to this model, and will cost $260 + labor to install.

I used to be an avid cyclist with unbridled energy, but I've since ruined myself at a desk job with a poor diet and addiction issues (been in recovery for a few years now). It is my hope that using this bike as a daily commuter will help get me back into shape. I'm going to sell my car, and buy an old truck just for bad winter storms and hauling heavy junk when necessary, but it is my goal to use the bike for everything else. In a year or two, I want to start to transition to a regular bike for the exercise, but for now I don't want to be a sloppy mess when I get to work.


Can I expect this bike to go strong for at least 2 years, hopefully 5? (commute is about 5 miles each way, and there are 3 grocery stores between home and work)

I've never bought a Specialized. Overall, how is their customer service?

What is the best lock/security for this bike to prevent it from being stolen? (I can keep it under the stairwell at work, but for errands...bike rack I guess)

Can the motor be purchased/swapped out should there be any issues?

My major concern is that if the electronics go, I'm stuck with a 50+ pound bike with a horrible resale value.

Thanks in advance!


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Your dealer is the key link in Specialized customer service for your e-bike should any issues arise. I used a 2014 Turbo S for an 18 mile commute and now I use it mostly for short trips of 5-7 miles. About the only issue I had using it for commuting was when I had an e-bike system issue that needed Specialized system parts or warranty, it would take a couple of weeks. Some shops see the e-bike as a nice to use not a need to use. The bike shop you select for an e-bike is as important as the bike.

As far as locks, it's not like you have to worry about the weight. I keep an Abus folding lock on the bike for quick errands but sometimes I carry a U lock. I keep my bikes locked even stored in the house.
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You're going to love it! I have a 2018 Vado 3.0 with a 48t chainring which makes it fairly similar but I have a smaller battery. My commute is 5.5mi each way, I typically use Sport on the way in, bumping up to Turbo whenever I need to tangle with traffic such as at a left hand turn. There are no showers at my office so Sport mode lets me arrive at work not-too-sweaty. On the way home I use Eco or zero boost in order to get some exercise. When I get home the battery is still at 80% . If I use Turbo both ways - say in a nasty rain - then I'll still be ~60% . So you'll have no battery problems.

I've been riding 9 months, 1100 miles, and it is still going strong! My one suggestion would be to get a suspension seatpost, made things a lot more comfortable for me, and safer I think. I use a Kinekt.
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Congrats on your decision to go bike commuting and try to get in better shape. Don’t fall for the thrill of always using Turbo mode and try to go 28mph at all times. Traffic situation may want you to speed up of course. 5 miles is not an aefully long commute, try to use Eco mode to get more exercise. It will still be a lot easier than a regular bike. ( you have my permission to use Sport mode :D)
I hope you will find the Vado and e-biking as fun as I do. That will make you want to go for rides after work and on weekends.
Fun and good for you. Win Win.
Resale value of e-bikes will be interesting. I don’t expect to get much for my Vado 5.0 here in Sweden, but I really don’t know. You have a large battery and a not very long commute so you will not have to fully charge the battery most of the time and that is supposed to extend battery life.
Regarding display and Mission Control app - You could ask if Specialized will replace the display for free. It has been done on 2018 bikes sold last year. May not be offered when you buy a 2018 bike now.
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Thank you all!

I picked it up last Friday, and biked 30 miles over the weekend. I really love the feeling of confidence that I can just keep going when I want to go further. I look forward to building up a bit of endurance and getting back on a regular bike.

I noticed a few things, and wanted to ask for advice:

1) the motor makes a loud sound like crickets/frogs in a marsh at night when I use turbo, and it's fainter when I use sport. Is that normal? I was biking on a trail in the woods right after I bought it, so I didn't notice it at first since I figured it was coming from the environment, but I noticed it would stop and start as I would rest and pedal.

2) after about 20 miles (30% eco, 60% sport, 10% turbo) I went from 100% to 30% battery, Does that sound about right?

3) I can't get it into the highest gear. The chain grinds and clicks, but it won't grab the last sprocket. Not so bad with assist, but terrible without. It also looks like the chain is at a pretty crazy angle to reach it. I suppose my bike shop can fix this, but it seemed a bit extreme. Just thought I'd mention it.


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Perhaps best "how does it sound" source would be Court's review of the Vado 6.0 which, in the later part of the video, has him riding and purposefully recording the sound. You might find it helpful.



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Good luck with your new ride! I have close to 5000 miles on my Turbo X (prior generation) and I agree with the advice that having a good relationship with a good dealer is key. I've had some issues but the dealer has been great about resolving them and getting me back on the bike!

For issue #3, yes the shop should be able to make a small adjustment to get your shifting right!