Actual mountain bikers here? Haibike Sduro Nduro RX?

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    Hi, I'm an avid mountain biker, I ride cross country and to a lesser extent mild downhill runs. I put in usually around 100 miles + per week. I ride a Yeti MTB. I'm getting older, knees falling apart and a few other issues, etc so I've decided to invest in an Ebike to ride part time. I've been looking at ebike reviews and unfortunately I cannot find any haibike reviews from actual mountain bikers. I've found one or two, but it's usually someone jumping jumps or riding up a gravel road or paved road. Nobody ever really discusses the frame geometry, how they handle etc? Or if they're good on rocky rooty trails etc. I don't ride on dirt paths, I ride on actual singletrack roots and rocks and switchbacks etc too.

    I have ordered a Haibike Sduro Nduro RX. I only found a few reviews and videos for this bike, none of which told me much. This has a long travel fork (180mm) which would normally be excessive for regular cross country riding but it can be adjusted down to 150mm which isn't too bad...especially since this has a motor to haul it around? Or I'm hoping this will be the case anyway?

    Is anyone here a regular experienced mountain biker? Does anyone here have a Haibike mountain bike? Do they handle well? I would have gone with the specialized since it's a known quantity, specialized FSR is a pretty decent bike, and the turbo lev just added a motor...but the Haibike was a much better value, but I know nothing about the bike/handling/etc.

    Thank you.

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    My body is a bit like yours.
    So I bought a 2016 SDURO Fullnine RC.
    I ride mainly off-road trails and tracks.
    Have clocked up just over 5000k.
    I have a friend in similar shape with the earlier model.
    His is coming up to 11000k
    They handle ok for us old farts.
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    Hey, I ride a 2017 haibike Xduro all mountain 7 that has 3" tires (boost) and 27.5 wheels and it rips the single track. I raced for many years and still avidly ride 2000 miles a year on single track in the N cali sierras Tahoe and grass valley areas. I keep an extra 500 battery on board and use it regularly when riding over 20 miles. The tires gobble up obstacles (10 to 15 lb. pressure) like they are not there and my confidence is 30% higher i will make it through a tough spot.
    I committed and rode centuries for decades and even raced pro mountain bike in the 80s.
    I am 70 and last year developed knee arthritis. I just a month ago finished a procedure called Regenexx. The short version is an MD takes bone marrow blood from your hip and spins it down to get the stem cells and injects it into your knees.
    In a month my knees are 80% better and expect the regeneration of my soft tissue to continue for another year. I could not even walk before i was on crutches. This is so cool!! its expensive $7K and no insurance will pay for it. A friend of mine had it done to his hips a year ago and he is way better. I highly recommend it. More info if you ask.
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    I'm 67. My knees have no cartalege and bone spurs besides, due to running in combat boots 18 years. To keep walking I do the aerobics program, heart over 140 bpm 25 minutes a day 4 times a week. I exceed that exercise in summer as I bike 70+ miles a week then, mountain bike on roads. I bike 25 miles per week in winter. If colds interrupt the aerobics for > 6 weeks, my knees lock up & I can't walk right.
    Suspicious of the regenerexx. Suspect it takes more prompting than just movement to make the stem cells turn into cartalege instead of blood cells. I will wait for peer review in journals, since aerobics is working. I'm holding out for cartalege inserts in knees. They are building cartalege noses & ears already. No titanium knees for me please, look at what happened to John Kerry.
    Endomorphin from aerobics is so good, I hit the road 25 mph last week with my chin & broke it. After surgery opiate pills were prescribed, didn't need them. Off NSAID's due to non-bleeding requiremsts of post op, acetamenaphin is handling the pain fine.
    Reason I bought an e-bike kit, in summer I'm seven miles from affordable phone service and sometimes I strain a muscle or tendon cutting trees & want to get back to town w/o calling an ambulance. Thtottle only no pedaling was a requirement for that need. Unfortunately, my knees are better than the $220 power wheel kit I bought, which lasted 60 miles.
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    I understand the best candidates for the regenexx procedure are athletes with good bone density and not too degenerated joint because the stem cell can become any type of cell & targets inflammation and adds cells to existing structures. They harvested 1 billion stem cells from my hip (very high) and needed 750 million to do 2 knees. Like you i will not get artificial knees. I know two people that have bone infections one after having hip implants after 10 years on now fighting for her life because of it.