Add-on display to existing electric bike * Battery gauge / watt-hour gauge *

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    Hi fellow ebikers,

    The one thing that most of us want to know is how much exactly do we have left in the battery. Unlike cars where the gas gauge can give you very good estimates, batteries are different in that you get a better estimate if you know how much watt hour you have consumed.

    I asked justin from Grin Techonology in Canada if he can build one with four (4) simultaneous displays. Namely:

    1. Watt hours consumed
    2.Instantaneous wattage (power meter)
    3. instantaneous wh/mile
    4. Average wh/mile

    Numbers 3 and 4 gives you good idea on how efficient you are using the battery.

    Justin said it can be done if there are lots of interest (500+)

    What do you think?
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