Adding battery capacity

I recently bought two Revolutionworks 24V pedal assist units. Went to Burning Man and bolted them on to our junky old playa bikes. Worked very well for a couple of aging hippies. Problem is that they claimed 12 mile range with the 100wh model, but we got barely half that. They will sell me extra batteries, but only the small one will fit this unit. The charger is a fairly standard 29v brick and the charging port looks pretty standard. I am thinking of trying to get a larger battery and piggy backing it into the charger port. Revo says that won't work.
I'll take pics when I get back home in a few days, but for now, this is apparently the factory that makes it: (The key has "Reention" stamped on it.) Here is the Revo that I have:
The charging socket takes a fairly standard cylindrical plug, negative and positive. The cable going to the motor has three wires, but I don't think is relevant to this discussion.

Thomas Jaszewski

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Reention is a large case manufacturer. I believe that version has other sizes. Check out their catalogue.
If you want a battery in the same pack, several China sources will do it. OR adapt another style.