Affordable bicycle repair stand?

I'd love some recommendations on an affordable bicycle repair stand that can take the 50-60lbs of an ebike. I don't want to spend the $$$ for the Park Tool if I don't have to, but also don't want to waste money on junk that won't work.


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I tried a cheap one since I only envisioned doing chain lube and clean work at home. Was no good. In my local shop they use a park pcs10 stand for the “change a flat” class... I put my bike on it, and was sold instantly. I don’t use it at home very often, but when I do, it is perfection. No regrets on the “splurge” (I think I found it on a large river website for under $200)
I am in the same boat and looking for a new stand. The PCS-10 is interesting, but looks like they continue to have issues with the spring clip on the column. Pretty heavy from what I hear also.

Leaning towards the Feedback Pro_Ultralight currently... (same price range as PCS-10)

The 3 leg support looks like it would work better and its made of AL so it will be uber light for trips or storage. The clamping system looks top notch. Its rated for 85lbs which would work for my situation of trying to hang 62. Any Feedback users out there?