Aftermarket Batteries

Hi, I just wanted to make everyone aware that there are cheaper alternatives out there when it comes to batteries or components.
I have a Haibike sduro cross with a 400wh battery and wanted a spare for longer journeys. At £849 (approx $1,100) for the official Yamaha 500wh battery I thought this was very expensive.
After much searching I've managed to find an aftermarket 500wh one from £388 ($507) which is a huge saving. I also sourced the Haibike stickers to complete the look.
Hopefully more companies will start to offer aftermarket parts.


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It has been discussed on the German Pedelec forum for some time. Unfortunately, some of the latest feedback is not particularly reassuring:ür-yamaha-von-drittherstellern.46096/

It will be interesting to see how your own experience evolves over time.
I've been using the new battery for several weeks now with no problems and a substantial improvement in distance over the original 400wh but you're right only time will tell as far as quality is concerned.
A german company - electropapa are also offering a 600wh battery.
I considered this approach and did not take it. I found that my original dealer would cut me a USA deal and bought the backup official battery for $750 shipped. No worries about quality or warranty. Good luck and keep us informed how the substitute works out. Thx


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I am glad to see 3rd party battery options. When it is time for me to buy a new battery I will probably go with the OEM, but I hope there are other choices available. Captive markets are not good and almost always lead to inflated prices.