ancheer bike battery

Hi I recently bought an ancheer 26 inch folding electric bike. I have charged it quite a few times and everytime I ride it the battery seems to drain really fast like within 2-3 minutes of riding in regular ebike mode it starts slowing down. I am new to ebikes. maybe it is the controller or battery itself? any suggestions? Thanks much appreciate your help!


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Hard to be certain w/o seeing it in person, but you probably have a battery problem.

Did you get a reasonable range in the past? How many miles before it slows down, and how fast were you riding (pedal assist or throttle) when this happens? Is it cold right now? What does the LED display indicate for battery status. Do you own a voltmeter and know how to use it?

You'll need to give a better description of what's happening to the Ancheer people, as they're the people you have to convince to fix this.
Hi harry thanks for your reply. Yes I am waiting to hear back from ancheer on the issue. I was riding it via the throttle and Im not sure exactly how many miles but within 2-3 minutes of riding around my neighborhood it starts slowing down and the battery bars on the LED's go from a 5 to a 3. It is pretty cold here right now 20-30s so im sure that is affecting it. I do have a voltmeter I guess I should check and see how many volts it is putting out. Also I did have this put together at a local bike shop they went over everything I had a really hard time trying to install the front wheel they did get it installed on the fork but I just noticed the wheel is not turning very freely its a bit tight so I guess this explains the issue. I will have to bring it back to a bike shop to see if the can adjust the hub.


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A 36V battery, at full charge, will come in at 42.0 volts. When you start riding, it will drop quickly to 40 volts. It will be about a little less than half charged at 36V, and probably feel pretty weak by then.

You will lose 20-30% of what the battery had at 70F when it's under 30F. If you were charging your battery when the internal cells were below freezing, that's not good for them at all. You should charge them when the insides are around 40F or hogher.