Anggun Intermittent running

Today my wife's Anggun begun "cutting out." The motor will run for a moment then shut off then restart. The cycle takes 2.5 to 3 seconds. It happens in all gears at any speed. The battery has been charging fine and was fully charged at the time. The electronic display stays on as normal. We shut off the bike, removed then replaced the battery to no avail. HELP!

Ann M.

@Vic Allen, how old is the bike & battery, please? Want to help. Does the bike restart on it's own or only after you turn it off, then on again? Has there been any other change in performance before now; even a slight one?
Hi Ann! The bike and battery are three years old. Yes, the bike restarts on it's own. I don't ride it but my wife says she has not noticed any change in performance. Her rides are never more than 20 miles so the battery has never been run even half way down. (Don't know if that matters but it's a detail I just thought of)

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