Another 300 Mile Step-Thru Report


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Had my Step Through for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Got it from stock the first call, but had to wait almost 2 weeks for delivery. Set it up myself since there isn't a Velofix within a hundred miles. Went together very easily. I, too ride for pleasure. At age 73 I use it to cruise the island and enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous place. The island is very bike friendly with more than 60 miles of paved and well maintained bike paths. I also use it for any commuting done without my wife, to the store, the golf course, etc. I also ride to the golf course with my golf bag on my back. But I only live about 1/4 mile from the first tee. I walk the course so I have a very light bag so it's an easy trip to the starter.

The bike has 315 miles on it as of a few hours ago. I've ridden all but about 5 days when heavy rain or my wife made a ride not highly recommended. I'm riding on Hilton Head Island, so level travel with the exception of a 1 mile bridge over Broad Creek with about a 12% grade (best guess). Normal ride is about 25-30 miles at an average speed of 15 MPH all in PAS 1. There are a lot of stops for lights or crossings and I frequently use the throttle to leave a stopped situation. I've never ridden in anything but the highest gear, except when crossing the bridge at which point I will shift to the lowest gear and ride in PAS 2 or 3, depending on how much exercise I want.

I tightened the spokes about a week after I got the bike. It was a good thing I did because some of the spokes were quite loose. Several took more than a couple of turns of the spoke wrench. The pedal squeaked quite significantly and the rear brake squeaked. Left the bike off Wednesday at the Specialized Bike Store for a tune up. They service my Specialized 12 speed so there weren't any issues.

I picked the bike up Thursday afternoon and the mechanic told me that the brakes needed a lot of adjustment. They certainly seem to be working much better and the squeak is gone. He said that the crank system was a mess and I got them in just in time. The bearings were not properly secured and were at risk of creating a major problem. The mechanic told me that he took the bike on a short run and absolutely loved it. Charged me $45 for the tune up, so not bad at all.

I love this bike. I've ridden up to 45 miles in one day. The battery indicator has never been lower that 3 of the 5 squares (down 2). I'm guessing that there is a practical limit for my riding style of about 50-60 miles.


Cane Creek Thudbuster seat post. $140, or so and the best option I could ever recommend buying.

Kbrotech handle bar extender and a Roam bike phone mount. About $25 total for the pair.

SIGTUNA Bike Lock. Included a 1200 steel chain lock for the front wheel and seat. About $40.

ParkTool PCS-9 repair stand. This works very well. About $140.

This has been a great purchase. The bike is a pleasure to ride. I do, however, have a few comments about RAD. First and MOST importantly, they should not, under any circumstance, ship a bike without a rear view mirror. It is without question unsafe without at least one on the left side. I can easily imagine that they will at some point face a liability situation that will cost more than had they included 10,000 rear view mirrors.

Secondly, why oh why, does it take their shipping department 5 to 7 days to get an in-stock pre-packaged bike to a common carrier? Maybe they are closely examining each package and it takes time. I doubt it, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. However, a week ago, I ordered the front rack (that had just gotten back in stock) and 2 bags and they still have not shipped. What in the world are they doing? I understand that weed is legal in the NorthWest, perhaps they have a greenhouse behind the shipping department?

Finally, they are losing a lot of opportunity to generate additional profit. They should have accessories in stock. If their inventory control is so bad that they continually face 1 month waits, or longer for restocking parts they need to find new sources. Also why do they not have a lot more things to buy? A few (just 2) suggestions:

1. Clothing. I got my free hat with the bike. Why can't I buy a RAD Power Bike polo shirt or maybe a jacket?

2. Lights. The headlight on my bike is acceptable for some moderate early evening riding. But I suspect that many of us (including me, weather permitting) want to ride at night. Why do they not have an alternative headlight compatable with the electrical system and wiring of my bike?

The mark-up on our bikes, sans any middle men, is probably at least 25% to 40% or higher. The mark-up on after market clothing and parts is better than that. I know because my wife's family are major clothing and hardware retailers and mark-ups on this stuff is significant. When you get someone to spend $1,600 on a piece of machinery never, ever let the low hanging fruit fall to the ground. Be greedy, boys and girls!

Bottom line. A great bike at a great price. Terrific on-line and phone sales and tech help. I will (and have) recommended RAD bikes to several people that have asked about it. Enjoy your rides my RAD friends. Happy Christmas, Hannukkah, Quanza or whatever you may be celebrating in this most wonderful time of the year.
Thanks for the report, you make a lot of good points. But I was surprised by the following:
2. Lights. The headlight on my bike is acceptable for some moderate early evening riding. But I suspect that many of us (including me, weather permitting) want to ride at night. Why do they not have an alternative headlight compatible with the electrical system and wiring of my bike?
Do you have the 2018 model, or old 2017 stock? I've read complaints about the 2017 headlight, but the one on the 2018 I actually find to be pretty bright. Daylight is short enough here in the far north now (and my workdays long enough) that I am actually biking almost all the time in the dark (or twilight), and I'm pretty happy with the amount of light it puts out, at least in the context of the quality level of the rest of the components of this bike, fo rthis price. I would much sooner see improvements to tires, brakes, freewheel, controls, rear light, etc than the headlight. I respect you might disagree, but just wanted to share another POV.


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I've never known any bicycle, e-bike or acoustic to come with mirror(s).. I agree they are a very important safety feature if one is going to ride anywhere there is traffic of any kind. It would be nice to be able to order mirror(s) along with the bike at point of purchase instead of having to go aftermarket and hope what you buy fits etc.
I noted the mirror comment too, but was just gonna let it pass, but since you brought it up ... I've got specific requirements for my mirror and frankly am quite glad it did NOT come with one (I paid for one) since I would probably replace it anyway.

On a similar note, if there was a chance to get a $10 discount in exchange for not getting a seat I'd take that. I always end up replacing them.


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I needed to add a brighter rear light, additional headlight that blinks, suspension seatpost, thumb throttle, and cloud-9 seat to our Radcity Step-Thru. Real easy to do at the Radcity price point without breaking the bank.
nice write-up! i think you kinda get what you pay for with Rad. in fact i think you get more. i could have paid another $1000 for something similar to my 2018 fact i did on an izip and i didnt like it and took it back and then got the radcity. good point on mirrors, but like others said there are so many different kinds, like the seat. but i agree it should be a requirement like a helmet (but they dont come with helmets either). your weed comment is funny. i appreciate that. but if by chance you werent joking i dont think much has changed here since it became legal. i would more likely blame the cost of living. it's almost impossible to find people for low paying jobs so i get the impression they will take anyone.
on another note...if the weed up here is doing anything it's making our shops more snooty. there's a shop 1 block from my house that wont work on my bike. even if i pay them! my wife suggested maybe i need some face piercings or a man-bun to be taken seriously :)
Thanks for the responses. Good points on the mirrors. It really is an individual preference thing. As of Thursday I had my step through for exactly 3 weeks and am now at 400 miles. I get on the thing and just ride. Only riding issue now is I’ve just got to get a softer saddle. Sitting as upright as I do compared to my 12 speed the pressure points whilst sitting have moved much further back, if ya knows what I mean!😂. After about 30 miles it takes a toll.

I’ve had about a dozen people take it for a short ride and unanimously they are dumbfounded by the experience. I love this bike!