ANOTHER bike rack question


Is there ANY trunk-mount rack that would work with a 45-55 lb ebike (a bit less with battery/seat removed)?

I'm not talking about hundreds of miles of freeway hauling, just 2-7 miles on city streets below 40mph to get around traffic to a safe place to ride (bike trail).

I've already more than doubled my budget for the bike itself, and, frankly, if I'm going to need to invest $5-700-ish + more to install everything I need for a hitch mount setup, this just isn't going to happen for me.


Have you checked on getting a hitch?

Yes. I've checked into getting a hitch. As I clearly stated in my original post, the expense of getting a hitch and getting a hitch mount carrier is too far over my budget. That's why I am asking specifically about trunk mount carriers, thanks.

Tars Tarkas

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I get it. I think you could spend less than you're talking about with some research though. I threw that out there since you aren't being inundated with on-target replies.

A search on Amazon should turn up something.



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I use a Saris Bones EX which is a 3 bike trunk rack rated for 35lbs per bike.
The way I see it, if it can take 105lbs worth of bikes overall, it should be safe for my Fathom E+2 sitting in the position closest to my vehicle. The straps are excellent, and the rubber feet sit solidly on the bumper and rear window.
Very well built.