Any ELux Tahoe owners out there?

  • I've got a flat black Tahoe. Just got back from another great ride on the Tahoe. I'm weighing in around 300lbs and with a lot of hills and 0 pedal assist I got 23.5 miles! BMS 46.3 and one bar left on the battery indicator. I had the setting at normal. In the eco mode, the bike/I could not go up any steep hills. Also, the throttle is nonexistent in eco on a hill. It just doesn't kick in. I've put a bottle cage on the handlebars, and I like it there because I don't have to bend to get at it. This Tahoe is a 2015 with the 2016 motor as an upgrade. I'm 73 and this is the most fun I've had riding in many, many years. The bike is extremely comfortable and the upright position is perfect for me.
I really love these bikes. My wife has the Newport and I have the Tahoe. Everyone that sees them thinks they are the coolest thing ever. We live in Henderson Nevada and there are a lot of trails around. I see a few Pedigos but never another Elux