any ideas on adding a front derailleur on this bike?

recently got this ebike, my first. pretty happy with it not because of the components or anything (although i don't think i could match the bike and electronics at the same price building it by myself, and that wouldn't even count the folding frame) but because the frame has lots of room inside it to upgrade the electronics. my main issue in this thread will be some ideas on adding a front derailleur to it, it is currently a 1x7 on a freewheel and the lowest gear just isn't low enough for me, but a 2x7/14 speed could do the trick if i could put a derailleur on the crank. ultimately i will be replacing every part on this bike but the frame, but the frame is solid, the welds look lovely, its alloy, and there is lots of space inside the frame to fit the electronics. any ideas would be appreciated, as well as opinions on the bike good or bad.
(sigh first try at uploading the image was too large, i hope a downscale with show enough detail) well forget about that because even at 50% canvas size, about 6mb, it still couldn't upload my image, i guess as a new user i get to upload blurs... but i'll link to the image on the manufacturer website, my model is basically identical to the picures they took, missing two mount holes near the rear dropouts, but that wouldn't effect this.
any ideas on putting a 2x crank on this?

oh, and the rear is freewheel, i would love to go 1x10 but with an aluminum frame i don't think i could fit a freehub. haven't measured yet, just researching at this point.