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Discussion in 'Rad Power Bikes' started by psychl, May 18, 2016.

  1. matthewmerola

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    Sweet set up. Any chance of
  2. brrrett

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    Bought two Rad minis this Friday in Seattle. White for my wife and black for me. I already own one electric commuter but liked the folding capability and fat tires for mild trail riding while we are traveling. They are so easy to fold and the 750 watt motor is so torquey, love it. I would like a taller gear set as I am used to pedaling my commuter from the preset twenty to twenty five mph with some effort. Can anybody recommend a rear cassette that will fit and not have me pedaling 1000 rpm like a madman in PAS 5?
  3. GingerBeardMan

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    I just hit 800 miles on my RADmini this morning! WOO!

    I am not sure as I am just getting back into biking using this as both my commuter vehicle and recreational fun. However I have noticed as far as "performance per watt" (just intuitive observation) that if you step down your PAS to PAS 2 and pedal harder I've been able to hit 23mph consistently and every once in a while 24mph. Of course down hill you can get going quite fast. There is a hill in my area I was going almost 40mph! Kind of freaked me out so was slowly edging the brakes.

    Any rate the controller for the RADmini sets the rules to abide bike lane laws in the majority of states which is limited to 20mph. If you haven't noticed already it stops feeding power once you exceed 20mph (I remember a trick in the King Meter settings to get it to roughly 22mph before it cuts out, it's in this forum thread somewhere).

    If you find a chain ring to upgrade to perhaps let us know! I have considered swapping the controller out for something that is "dumb" and would just let me power the motor as much as I want to instead of governing at 20mph.

    @brrrett you should also try taking challenging grassy or dirt trail hills. This bike makes me feel like a champ and is really does so well up hills. I weigh 180 and can hit 15mph steady with just throttle however I dont do that because I like to feel a little burn. Hope this helps some at least for your new mini. :)
  4. GingerBeardMan

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    New tip:
    Watch the area where the red throttle engage/disengage button is when you fold down the handlebars. It is placed right where the front fork is so I have unintentionally busted the housing the that switch. Before contacting RAD I wanted to ensure this would not happen again when mindlessly folding the bike up. The benefit to the black model is that old bike tubes work great as wraps. Cut a small portion, enough to wrap and protect the button when folded down. Works like a charm and people don't notice unless you point it out. I brought up these issues and RAD is graciously sending me a new housing!

    As for the white model I imagine you could find some white handlebar wrap that would do the job as well.
  5. brrrett

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    Handlebar wrap sounds like a great idea. I have seen some rubberized padded wrap in the past. Perhaps I can find some in white for my wife's bike and black for mine. The other area of concern is where the rear frame bangs the front fork when folded.
  6. brrrett

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    Thanks GingerBeardMan, I will look for the controller settings thread. I did try some mild single track uphill yesterday and realized that PAS 5 was too much! Will have to remember to select assist level while approaching trail sections.
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    I was in NYC during the 4th of July weekend and I saw a lot of bikes with rubber/vinyl looking wraps around the frame. I think it was mostly to protect the painted areas from the heavy duty 18mm chains most bikes were secure with. I haven't been able to find a website that sells this NYC wrap? I've seen them clear to dark colors on different bikes. I've seen the wrap on smaller areas to protect the frame to the entire painted surface with the wrap.

    Any NYC bikers in the house know about this wrap?

    It look similar to the pic below; but, way nicer:
    bike wrap.jpg

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