Anybody know about Ariel Rider X-Class ?


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I saw this e-bike which is launching soon. It looks like Juiced Scorpion or Super73 but I can't find any information. Does anyone know anything about this e-bike ?

I signed up for the promo code but really so far don't know anything about the bike other than having some small hints from video such as hydraulic brakes or lcd display. Also seems to have dual suspension



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Seems like upgraded version of Juiced Scorpion. But it all depends on the $$$ . Can be a great deal or not just depend on the price.


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I don't know I just asked the height of the model in the video as reference. Seems he is 6'5 . I am just not sure if I need to order or not. The price is perfect for the specs as it has lots of features. I guess I will still order worst case I can sell it for the price I bought... :p


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I bought one today. Price is too good to ignore also I like the style and specs of the bike. Hope court will do a review soon. I am just happy that more companies are producing more affordable e-bikes. I love Haibike or Cube but not all of us can afford those beauties.