Anyone replaced bottom bracket on a EVO 27.5 ?

Hi there.

Has anyone dismantled/replaced the bottom bracket on a EVO?
I am trying to dismantle mine (EVO 27.5 , 2015 model) and I could unscrew the non-drive side, but the drive side seems impossible.
I am asuming it is an standard Shimano Octalink BB (ie BB-ES30), so expecing to unscrew clock-wise (opposite to normal screwing direction, setting the wrench at 12:00 position, and trying to move the wrench towards the front wheel) whereas the non-drive side unscrews as normal (counter clock-wise).

I have seen multiple YT videos and everyone does it that way, but I couldn't get to even move.

The bike has 2 years and 6700 Kms on it, so should not locked that way.
I hope this is a normal Octalink BB and not an exotic part (who knows....)