“Argo” Cargo box bike conversion kit


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This started off as a Kickstarter project called “Lift” and as far as I know has not begun deliveries to the original backers, currently estimating deliveries starting this month October 2017 but the proof will be in the delivery. I’m interested to read reviews on how it handles loaded.

A lot of posts on a Family Biking forum I read are from cargo bike riders wanting advice on how to convert a complete cargo bike with e-assist. From what I can tell the Argo is not suitable for mid-drive motors as there is an attachment piece you put on your bike’s bottom bracket and there can’t be anything under it. The simplest e-bike conversion that would work with the Argo would appear to be a rear hub motor.

The utility the product promises is the cost of the Argo is 1/3 the price of most complete cargo bikes, and it’s a cargo bike that breaks in two for ease of transportation/storage. You will need a donor bike, and an e-bike kit battery and rear hub motor. If you don’t have these, the cost of acquiring them plus the Argo would bring the price close to the cheapest complete e-cargo bike the (currently sold out) Virtue Gondoliere. But if you already have a rear hub powered e-bike or just needed to buy a rear hub motor and reuse the battery you have, this could offer the useful choice between your regular front wheel for commuting during the week, then switch to the box for carting kids/groceries at the weekend.
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