Bafang BBS01 on Merida Speeder

Hi guys,

I'm looking at installing a BBS01 on my Merida Speeder 500.

My only concern with the installation is the gear cables are run internally underneath the down tube and come out under the bottom bracket. The cable for the rear mech is then run externally underneath the chainstay

The attached photo shows the shape of the downtube and where the cables come out.

Do you think the motor will fit OK with this shape frame?

I'm fine with having to re-route the cable for the rear derailleur outside the frame.

I'm not real keen on having to take a hammer to the downtube of the frame for the motor to fit.

Any advice would be appreciated.




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Nice bike, you can remove the front derailleur and its wire and bar shifter as you'll have just the one chainring. A BBS01 motor should fit as your bottom bracket ought to be either 68mm or 73mm wide, measure it before you start. If it is 73mm you may need to go to a hardware store to buy 5mm longer M6 screws than the ones you got in the kit which are probably for a 68mm BB, and some M6 washers so you can screw on the fixing plate on your slightly wider BB, also if it is 73mm you'll probably have to omit the second black M33 locking nut as you won't have enough screw thread, don't worry as long as you tighten the main M33 locking nut you'll be fine.
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