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Read the written EBR review, and it surprised me that a supposed 'commuter' ebike, even at its priced low for a Bosch mid drive, at $1999, did not have integrated lights, or for that matter any lights. Sure you can add lights, but then they are not controllable from the display, and worry about batteries, or re-charging them separately.

If the primary purpose of getting the mid drive is the torque sensing or 'natural feel', then at $1999 you can get the 2020 model Surface 604 Rook (step thru frame) or Colt (step over frame). Available now.

You'll have integrated lights front and back, a front suspension, 2" thick tires, rack that is welded into the frame further eliminating any potential for frame flex, a color display, a 48 volt, 500 watt motor capable of up to 25 mph (sells at 20 mph class 2, but is user resettable), a higher torque motor (65 nm vs 40 nm on the Bosch) for better hill climbing, and yes includes torque sensing for the 'natural feel'. Also the battery has more capacity. Also, not found on any Bosch mid drive, would be a throttle, which is on the Surface, and capable of full power at all times. (up to 20 mph). Also, the Surface has 9 speeds (instead of just 7), and does have Tektro hydraulic brakes.

Juiced ebikes also have torque sensing, and they have a 'commuter' style ebike that would fit the bill.