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    As part of my 8fun testing, I wanted to do a real world (at least the way I ride) distance evaluation. So to keep this brief, here goes:

    Constants: I am 58, 6'1", 230lbs. I used for this run a 48v 15ah Li from Cali-Bike. Obviously a high quality battery in a tough case 11" x 8" x 4". I mount the battery in a camping gear bag with a quick draw string, the battery is surrounded by foam sheet and bubble wrap, and secured to the rear cargo rack with quick release tie-down straps. Bike was the Schwinn 700c Third Ave with a 7 gear rear cassette. This was a XC run of 25 miles, 14miles on the Barnegat Branch Trail (, a cinder and packed gravel rail trail segment, and 10.7 miles on paved road along Barnegat Bay. The Branch Trail segment I was riding into a 10mph headwind, the road segment wind was from my right to left. Entire ride was mostly level, a couple of small grades 44'maximum elevation change from starting point.

    Variables: Along the trail where it crosses roads sometimes I just had to slow to <7mph, sometimes I had to come to full stop for traffic. 7 slow downs, 6 full stops. I only used the throttle 3 times: 2 coming off full stops, 1 just for the hell of it on an open and empty section of the trail about 10 sec duration. I used gears 4-7 but 90% of the ride was on gear 6. Steady speed of 17.5mph in PA2 with my cadence at about 80. I got decent exercise, HR elevation avg 125-130bpm, nice burn in the legs but no winded breathing and NO pain in knees, even the one with extensive ligament surgery.

    Battery: By the time I got back to starting point total distance was 24.7 miles. Display still showed all full bars except the half bar that is at the right side of the icon (961 display) When I got home, the battery took 1 1/2 hrs to fully recharge. I estimate the battery was about 25% depleted with 75% left to cutoff voltage.

    Again, I'm impressed. I figure in similar conditions 40 miles+ can be achieved. Now I'm aware that many won't be impressed by this, I did after all get a decent bike workout. But that's what I'm in it for. I've read about guys throwing on large chain rings and tiny gears and going for that 40mph run. I like the fact that if the 10mph headwind turned into 20, or if I'm ridding in a more hilly area, or on the trails through the woods that are up and down, I have reserve power and can keep on truckin. If I want to go fast on 2 wheels with no effort, I'll take my motorcycle out.
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    People can see about how many watts it takes for different speeds. Not sure how hard you are pedaling. The motor will draw a lot of watts off the line, but 1800 watts for high 30's mph is what I see, 800 for high 20's.

    The video with the info is impressive. A lot of people are playing with 2000 watt motors, high C batteries, high amp controllers.

    I guess there are different points of view on safety.


  5. Ravi Kempaiah

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    He is the same Rafe Hussian who runs the Calibike web :)
    His latest project is very cool - to make a 30lb, 30mph, 30miles range E-bike.
  6. George S.

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    Thanks, Ravi,

    I found a Kickstarter with the Calisensor, and I looked at the app to bring the data to a smartphone through an OTG. It's more than I need, but a reviewer might be able to mount the sensor to some bikes and produce videos with the watts readouts, other data. Trying to see readouts from someone holding a camera on a CycleAnalyst, one handed, with the sun glare, is not so entertaining.


    I shopped 'whole house' data systems that must use the same principles, last week. They clamp around a wire coming into the house, and then you can get the data from the web if you connect the sensor and processor to your wifi router. Seems to be the way everything is going.

    The 30/30/30 sounds like something that would sell, from what the first time, or potential first time, ebikers are saying. It's been suggested that California might have just rounded up to 30. :D
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    George, you read a lot of stuff and you know the market dynamics pretty well but why are you so fixated on speed and legality? :)
    40 years from now when we both are gone.... do you think this will happen? :)

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    Basically, I can do what I want (20 mph, low power) and there is no regulation. So I think what we have is great and any change is going to be all downside. But clearly, that is not going to hold. I wonder how it will fall apart.

    The laws and regulations are kind of impossible in this country, just because of the maturity of the system we live under. There are people who are trying to get a new trail approved south of here, near the Arizona border. It will take years and years, tons of bureaucratic stuff. But they are trying. At the same time, you have the 'freeriders' who just, more or less, take what they want from public lands, like forests.

    It doesn't seem like a rational process, anymore. I have a degree in government, so it's an area I understand, but it's rather incomprehensible. The people who actually pass laws tend to be corporate interests. So there's not much hope there.

    If we were in a real social interaction, having lunch or whatever, I would probably try to figure out if you represent nihilism, or anomie, or pure adaptation to reality. Since you are young and brilliant, I assume the latter. I carry too much baggage, believing things work in a way they haven't worked for quite a while. You are young enough to just come into modern America and say "His attitude is nuts. It doesn't work like that". The worst mistake my contemporaries (60+) make is trying to be young. I'm stuck with what I know.

    You have to let go of a lot as you age, but I try not to let go of everything. The future is in pretty good hands. I'm a process guy, and there is a process at work here. I like to know who did what to whom, and there are a wonderful array of characters in the ebike world. Almost everything about ebikes tends to delight me, at least from time to time. I have a narrow political interest (save what we have) and no economic interest.

    Basically, you (all) will have to work this stuff out. I mostly keep score, anymore. :cool:
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    Hi George
    Cant really corelate speed with amps.
    That needs a long suatained run on level ground no wind and no pedaling.

    I left my camera in ohio. Once i get it back i will do run
    On different speed settings w and without pedaling on same segment so we can then decide current vs speed vs human input
  10. George S.

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    It's not precise, but you get a lot of information from that video. I could see someone selling ebikes, or a reviewer, wanting to show the watts in the video. Shows what the bike does. My watt meter jumps around. There is probably some way to smooth the output.