Battery Management System - A to Z

Ravi Kempaiah

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As the name indicates, BMS is a monitoring system that ensures safe operation of the battery. There are different kinds with different functionality.
Essentially, it is a programmed circuit board that ensures the voltage, current draw, temperature are all within the specified safe range.

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Do you need a BMS for your DIY battery?

Micah Toll shares his input:

Another respected guy in the community is Jehu Garcia, he comments on BMS.

A detailed look into the functions of BMS.

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Thomas Jaszewski

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Jehu has gone to selling and really needs to get a handle on nomenclature. I watched several hours now and there’s an amazing amount of misinformation. Now Micah is a completely different story. Quite amazing really. Everyone that wants to learn really should have his battery book.
Several vendors with claims to be selling high quality BMS have been shown to be malarkey. In the kit world.
The new Bluetooth BMS are a huge leap forward. Making trouble shooting and proper charging much easier with accurate data.