Battery Placement

I am in the market for an ebike. First time buyer. The Volt Yukon looks good but I am concerned about the down tube being cut out for the battery to fit in. It seems it would weaken the structural integrity of the bike. Feedback from owners of this bike regarding this issue would be appreciated.


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While I don't own the bike, I did some research on it when e-bike shopping last year. I also questioned the wisdom of a cut out in the down tube used by several makes & models. In the case of the Yukon, the hydroformed downtube is shaped for strength. It can be seen in detail in this review:

I have seen no reports of structural failures with this design. I expect Voltbike has done due diligence in the design of this otherwise rugged product. I would not let it be a major factor in your decision to purchase.


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Even the Chinese are capable of running simple design software, I'm sure the bike meets all the standard engineering design parameters.