Battery Range (Mariner)


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I've had a Voltbike Mariner for exactly 1 year and have noticed lately that the battery range seems to be deteriorating. When I first got the bike, I would typically average 30-35 miles on a full charge. Over the past couple of months, that's dropped to where I am now getting 25 miles, tops. This morning, after making absolutely sure the battery was fully charged, I got 21 miles. I typically don't ride in extreme cold (we are in Texas) and today the temperature was 75, so cold weather is really not a factor. I've made sure the controller is set to the correct wheel size and don't know of anything else that I could possibly change to extend the battery range. The bike has right at 800 miles on it and I typically ride twice a week, at most.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue? I contacted Voltbike & George sent some 'tips', but none of them make any difference (insulate the battery - in 70 degree weather?). Obviously I'm going to need to purchase a new battery because a 20 mile ride is unsatisfactory, but I'm not prepared to pay $500 for a replacement battery every year. Does anyone know where to purchase reliable replacement batteries for Voltbikes? It came with an 11.6ah battery, but perhaps I can replace it with something more powerful.

Angela M.

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Hi! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your battery. I can't offer a solution but wanted to welcome you to the forum. I hope you get an answer soon!