battery - Voltbike Mariner

Thanks to all those who have shared their experiences so I could learn the easy way. I'm wondering if anyone else has had the misfortune of battery failure. I placed my battery on my sidewalk while getting my bike out of storage, and it fell onto its side. Within one day it was no longer working. I have nearly 500 km on my new Mariner and have contacted Voltbike support a few days ago, with no reply from them yet. I'm hoping that it can be repaired locally, if it needs to be.

I have taken many precautions, adjusting my brakes as needed, sealing the control box with silicone as was suggested, added a bash-guard on the inside of the crank, checked all bolts and screws for tightness, added a mirror, found a good helmet and added a powerful light on it, and added slime in my tires.

I won't set the battery down on end any longer. I'm surprised it only took one fall to damage the battery.


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I have had my battery topple a few times now (same with my bows bike) and have not had the misfortune that you have had. I am sorry.. It must be like laptops and screen for phones.. Some have luck with mishaps and others don't. I am sure George will be in touch. Have patience. It does seem unusual for the battery to die after one small bump. To me, it seems like they should be stronger than that because of all the jiggling they need to do while on the bike.
Well, I just got word from Voltbike Electric, that there's nothing wrong with my battery. They tested it for two days after I shipped it to them for repair.
So they have concluded that the no start problem must be due to a defective part, and they have therefore shipped my battery back to me, along with
a new LCD screen, in order to find out which component is faulty. The last possibility is the controller.