battery won't recharge


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Bought my Wave 2.0 year and a half ago. had some medical problems and was unable to ride so it sat for a year. got a little surgery and hooked up the charger but no go. replacement is $349 which is difficult on social security. Can it be repaired somehow. got stupid in my old age; didn't know you had to charge the battery every so often while it was sitting. still seems abnormal.


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One or two sets of cells probably triggered the internal safety circuit's low voltage alarm. Those would be the cells that power the safety circuit.

If they didn't go too low, sometimes they can be recovered safely, but you need someone with some battery knowledge to open the pack and assess its condition. Maybe there's am indy ebike shop that will look at it.

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The usual hack is to run leads between the dead and a fully charged battery pack to bring the dead pack above the battery management system shut off. Since you don’t have a second pack, that’s no help.


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1st easiest option :

Some batteries can be restarted if pressing that button 5-10 seconds the battery pack (the one that will light up the leds to indicate how much juice is left).

When a battery enters deep sleep mode, that is how it awakes. At least the ones made by TD Hi tech energy( Bh Easy motion/ Specialized and other ebike Brands ) , for the other batteries there is that option with jump starting or

2nd easiest option:
-open the pack and DISCONNECT AND RECONNECT the BMS.
Is very easy to do, is a white plastic piece about 15-20mm wide with a buch of wires , just unplug and plug back in that circuit board.