BBS01B Motor unit for sale, $155


If anyone is looking at a cheap way to get into a conversion or wants some BBS parts here it is.

Includes installed 250w controller.

We can include the stock chain ring, guard, cranks and main wire harness. Display, throttle and e-levers not included.

$155 plus shipping


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How nice from you to answer! Really, I want to know why you have sold this material? Why not install it on your bike? I am interested because this project of me to do it to my bike began many months ago and I am not sure I will get it for real...I have bought nothing for that but clicked millions times! The BBS01B is probably a dead thing now and it's the one which interests me.


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We were sent several boxes of the wrong motors. Though I think small watt motors are undervalued in the US - the 500w to 1000w motors reign supreme out here - the market doesn't have much an appetite for us to hold onto 250w mid drives . So we reached out here to hook up riders with a decent motor at a discount.

Also, the BBS motors aren't discontinued- bafang still makes the motors and controllers.