BBSHD and 12spd 10 - 50t cassette compatibility

I want to use a 12 speed cassette for my BBSHD 52v 28ah build. It is called the SRAM XG-1275 Eagle™ all steel Cassette 10 - 50t. This cassette fits on my 135mm frame so I am thinking that the width of the cassette is going to be close enough to an 11 speed so it will not mess up my chainline too much in the lowest and highest gear.

I will be using this bike to go to and from work so reliability is key for me. Is there anything else I should know or consider before buying this cassette. Thanks!!

Would it make more sense to get a lower speed cassette and a 3 speed IGH hub?

Do you think the (49t cog made of 7075 aluminum) on a 10 speed 11 - 49t cassette would break with 48t chainring, bbshd, and 52v 28ah battery ?

I want such a wide range of gears because I want to pedal at a cadence of around 100 at 30mph but also want to climb hills with a 10 degree incline without damaging anything.
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You will need a compatible derailleur. Those pie plate chainrings really hang down there and the B tension screw is not enough to compensate. Wolf Tooth makes what they call a Goat Link for 10 and 11 spd systems that would allow the use of your derailleur as long as it is a clutch one. They don't make one for 12 spd.

If you have the chainring that gives you the best chainline already that shouldn't be affected.

Don't jam your shifts and it should be fine overall.

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You will need a compatible derailleur.
What exactly are you building? From a bare frame, or are you converting an existing bicycle? If you want to run a 12 speed cassette, you also need a 12 speed compatible wheel (an XD driver hub), derailleur, shifter, and chain.