Belt drive internally geared conversion


I want to convert my civia kingfield to an ebike.

My local bikeshop said that they didnt think that i could do a mid-drive system and recommended a front geared hub. I found another place that sells 36volt conversions locally but id like a little more power. Now im stuck trying to source it online.

Ive heard good things about lunacycles batteries but im kind of at a loss knowing what else will work. It seems that most controls that im seeing dont fit on drop bars for example.

My commute will be 32 miles round trip and i like to pedal. I think i would prefer torque sensing to cadence but im not %100 sure. Is there a good supplier or easy way to do this?
I bought a bafang mid drive for my giant. Seems to work pretty good, I have to touch the brake lever to shift properly. Motor can't be running when shifting. You need to know what size your lower bracket is to order one. Came with a throttle and senses when you pedal.


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My thoughts are that if one has a sweet riding bike, leave it alone. You ruin its character with a motor kit, especially with the looks. Put the motor on another bike. Then ride both.

If you want to ruin that Kingfield, some owners have adapted the Bafang to belt drive, but it must be a lot of problems getting the hub/motor to line up, plus some machine work is probably needed. I wonder if that multi-speed hub might explode with 3X the torque coming into it. You can buy one of those handlebar extenders and put the controls there. Although the throttle will be in the wrong place, if you rarely use it. no worries.

I'm happy with the cadence sense on my Bafang BBS02 and also on my torque simulation controllers, but for those where pedal feel is a religious experience, the owners of the Tongsheng TSDZ2 mid drive kit are preaching its virtues. It uses a torque sensor, but there is a throttle option. One of these kits is on my future projects list.

I have three batteries from Lunacycle. I rarely ride long enough to run them down, but when I do, one is only 1/2 rated capacity, while the other two seem OK. I had a battery builder (he retired) make me a small 36V 10AH battery for $250 which fits under the seat in a bag and will give 20 miles.


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It seems that most controls that im seeing dont fit on drop bars for example.
I use the Grin Handlebobs for mounting accessories like the throttle on the right hood and also a regen momentary switch button and a bell on the left hood. They fall easily to your hands in these places and you can still use the brake levers while controlling either of them at the same time.