Best bike insurance in the US

Do you have theft and/or liability insurance for your bike?

  • Yes, Specialty Bike Insurance, theft only.

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  • Yes, Specialty Bike Insurance, theft and liability.

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  • I think I can rely on my homeowners or umbrella policy.

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  • Who needs insurance? It's just a bike!

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  • Who knew there was bike insurance?!

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I won't name names but I got two quotes from fairly prominent insurance companies that specialize in bike insurance. I chose identical coverages, deductibles, etc., and the two quotes came back within a couple of dollars of each other. I have a pretty good idea of the coverage I want and don't have any questions about that. What I'm interested in is how well bike insurance companies handle claims. To me, that's where the rubber hits the road.

Can anyone offer any comments on how their insurance companies have dealt you when you have claim? If I'm going to pay $XXX dollars a year no matter who I go with, I want to go with someone who's going to make me glad I chose them.

I'm interested in positive or negative comments. I'd like to make a choice soon.

Welcome to the forum. There are a few other threads in the forum that discuss e-bike insurance. If you do a little searching, I think you can find the threads, but if not let us know and we can help locate them.

You may as well give the names of the companies you are working with. That way other members can relate any experiences they have had with the companies.

In my case I checked with my homeowners policy to see if my ebike is or could be covered. My insurer is West Bend Mutual. They cover regular bikes under the provisions of the standard home owners policy, but consider e-bikes to be motorized vehicles and exclude them. I could add my e-bike as an extension to my policy which would basically cover theft or loss from storms, fire, etc. It is basically the same provision they use for jewelry and other valuables. The rates were based on the amount you want covered and were excessive in my opinion (several hundred dollars per year to cover up to $2500 loss). So I declined the coverage and decided to just take my chances.
Like I said, I know what I want in the way of insurance. What I want to know now is what companies people have had good, or bad, experiences with when filing claims. I could mention names, but I only checked with two companies and I'm certainly not locked into them. I'd rather not limit comments to those two companies. Maybe I should say that I'm pretty sure that what I need is only available from specialty bike insurance companies. My homeowners/auto insurance company said they couldn't cover me beyond my high deductible homeowners' policy, which might pay 25% of replacement cost after the deductible. In terms of liability and medical, they just said "no", they couldn't help.

I'm pretty well convinced too that I don't want to continue to just take my chances. I ride downtown a good bit and scooters are all over the place and a large percentage of scooter riders are retarded, crazy or just suicidal. When we collide, my fault or theirs, I want to be able to tell them to talk to my insurance company. People are way too litigious anymore.



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I haven't seen any threads here about anyone actually filing a claim with their insurance company for bicycle insurance. I wonder if you might have any luck learning more on a forum for conventional cyclists? If you learn anything further, do share!!! :)
I know this isn't the most active message board on the internet, and I'll patiently wait for more replies but the lack of response to this so far makes me wonder how many people even have theft and liability insurance for their bikes.



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More likely how many have made claims that you seek comments on. If you want to know how many people have insurance on their bikes you might want to add a survey to your original post or at least make that a statement of your intent.
I have velosurance, but I haven’t had to make a claim. I hope I don’t. Velosurance is pricey, but I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in my renters insurance, and I can’t afford to replace the bike if it’s stolen.
My insurance covers theft, 50,000 in damages to another party in case of an accident, and ride home/tow in case of a breakdown.
I do remember that another member on another thread said that his bike was stolen and Velosurance replaced it immediately.


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I decided to just use my USAA Homeowner's insurance; which, covers my 3 ebikes (2 Radrover and 1 Rad step-thru) at $250 per incident home or away. I called and asked if I was covered for a class II ebike and they told me yes. I didn't have to pay anything extra for the policy coverage. My ebikes components are pretty simple with rear hub motor, wiring harness, controller, LCD screen, throttle+brake cut-off. I skipped looking into maintenance warranties because my ebike replacement parts are cheap and plug-n-play from Rad. 4 Sets of tires and inner tubes have been my biggest maintenance expense after 2 /12 years and +6000 miles of ebiking.

I work for the Federal Government and they have a program that pays you to ride your bike to work. I think it gives you a certain allowance for purchase, mileage, and reimbursement for maintenance cost (not 100% sure on all details). It is just a lot initial paperwork, daily logs, and getting my supervisor to review and sign kept me from taking advantage of this.

You could check to see if your company you work for has something similar for bike commuters?
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