Best Clipless Shoes For Cycling & Walking?

Hi all,

I've been doing research on the clipless shoes that I'll need to ride my recumbent quadricycle:
I want to find my ideal shoe that has the best balance of performance for cycling and walking.

From the research I've done so far, the top 3 choices I've found seem to be:
  • Specialized 2FO Cliplite
  • Shimano SH-ME7
  • Giro Terraduro

Any others I should add to the list to try out?

I have wide feet, but if the shoes are good I'll give anything a try, since I want to get this right the first time, and find my ideal shoe brand and model.

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Five-Ten, aka 5.10

Now owned by Adidas. 5.10 has been making sports shoes since the 80's. I've been using them for about five years. REI has them in store and on sale. Amazon lists them also. Really good deals can be had on last years models. Often the only difference is color. Giro are nice as well.

Nice bike!

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Having wide feet is a big deal with cycling shoes. I finally found something very comfortable, I wear a Specialized Cadet. Not sure they even make them any longer. Maybe you don't want that style with laces, but I had to go to several shops to find something wide enough.
Thanks for the replies, and yeah the quad is dope, although it's not completely without issue. But my sense is that overall I'll be happy I chose it, if and when things get sorted out.

Tomorrow I plan on going to a local bike shop to try on some clipless shoes. Specialized and 5.10 are 2 brands that they have there, so I'll see what they're like.

I tried on 3 different sizes of Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyons at an REI store, and they seemed ok. The rep said they're wider than the Shimanos that were there, although I don't think those were the SH-ME7s. In terms of Shimano, it seems like their shoes may be on the narrow side in general, but I still want to at least try on the SH-ME7s. I don't have any experience with clipless biking shoes, so the bottoms of the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Canyons felt a bit weird to walk in. Maybe that will always be at least somewhat of an issue with clipless shoes, but I know there's a difference between shoe makes and models, and ease of walking can be a factor when deciding.

If anybody else has any additional suggestions or input, let me know.



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What is it with bicycle shoes and the lack of availability of anything in a wide size? I think it has to something to do with a need to look fast. Wide shoes look clunky and slow. It's the Cinderella complex.
Yeah, I'm probably going to go with clipless sandals instead of shoes. For one thing, a rep at a local bike shop told me width isn't really a concern with sandals, although several users of the Keen Commuter IVs say they're narrow.

I'll start another thread on Clipless Sandals.

I just picked up a pair of 5.10 Freeriders and so far so good. Super grip sole keeps me locked in on my pedals and they have enough flex to be pretty decent for walking about.