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What is best natural-feeling stealth-looking technical-capable trail-bike?

  1. Haibike XDuro NDuro Pro

  2. Lapierre Overvolt AM 900+

  3. Moustache Samedi 27 Trail Limited

  4. Rotwild R.X+ FS

  5. Scott E-Genius 700 Plus Tuned

  6. Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED

  7. Specialized Turbo Levo FSR

  8. Other

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  1. trebor

    trebor New Member

    I ride technical trails on a regular trail bike (Giant Trance X 0 29er). I love the bike. I would also like an e-bike with the most trail capability.

    My only experience is that I converted an old hard-tail to an e-bike with a 1500 watt pedelec hub-motor and 1000 wh battery behind the seat, and it was fun on the street, but it was terrible on trails. Unridable really, due to the weight and balance of the battery and motor. Also, the direct drive would not be good for off-road climbing. Battey and motor should be mid-bike and as low as possible, and battery should be about a 500 wh. I sold off the parts.

    So I have decided a few things that I want in my next e-bike.

    1. Must have a mid-drive - like Shimano, Yamaha, Bosche, or Brose.

    2. Must have stealth look with well integrated motor and battery.

    3. Must have torque-sensing and a pedal feeling be as transparent as possible without awkward surging.

    4. 250, 350, 500, or 750 watts are all ok. I don't mind at all if it is 250 as that will be lighter, save battery power, and I am happy to pedal.

    5. 15 or 28 mph are both ok. I would prefer 28, but not if the bike is worse in other ways.

    6. Prefer compatibility with 3.0 inch tires (650B+).

    These are the bikes I have found so far that look like what I want, but I have not ridden any of them. Which are the most trail-capable and have the most natural pedal feeling?

    Giant Full-E+
    Haibike XDuro NDuro Pro $5,800
    Lapierre Overvolt AM 900+ £6400
    Moustache Samedi 27 Trail Limited £7600
    Nicolai ION EBOXX
    Rotwild R.X+ FS €6,999
    Scott E-Genius 700 Plus Tuned $5,400
    Scott E-Spark 700 Plus TUNED £6,099
    Specialized Turbo Levo FSR (Four trim levels - $4500 to $9500)
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  3. Ravi Kempaiah

    Ravi Kempaiah Well-Known Member

    All are great bikes!
    It comes down to what you personally like the best.
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  4. Toynut

    Toynut Member

    If you are looking at bikes with those price points, why not consider the Haibike Xduro full seven carbon 10.0.
    You would be buying absolute top shelf components on a CF frame and wheel combo which should offer outstanding handling on the trails and a very low 17.5 Kg weight to make the climbs easier still.
    The MSRP is pretty high, but, the street pice is typically 40 to almost 50 percent off, which brings it in line with some of the other models you were comparing.

    You can save some money and pick the Xduro full seven 8.0.
    The bike would be about 4.5 pounds heavier and the componentry is a cut below the 10.0 version, but, the discounts off MSRP would be similar.
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  5. Bicyclista

    Bicyclista Active Member

    The Haibikes that came with 3" tires had the "Plus" designation in 2016. For example, my Haibike Sduro FullSeven AllMtn Plus is bike with a Yamaha motor (Sduro), full suspension and 27.5" wheels (FullSeven), designed for mountain riding (AllMtn) with fatty 3" tires (Plus). It would be wise to get a frame that has been designed for 3" tires; there is no assurance that 3" tires fit narrower frames. I love my fatty tires and my Haibike!
  6. EddieJ

    EddieJ Well-Known Member

    Ravi is correct and I very much doubt that many take their bikes off the highway, let alone exploring a bikes potential and use of suspension.

    For anyone that owns an FS bike, the best one is the one that they are sitting on.

    I'd suggest that one of the major deciding factors, is dealer location and support. The rest you can just figure out by riding and trying few.

    I also see articles such a best emtb of the year in e-magazines and sites as a complete waste of time, and very in accurate in fact. Without percentage of sales ratio incorporated into the voting system, there is always going to be bias towards the biggest selling brand, and the biggest selling brand/brands certainly don't necessarily make the best bikes.
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  7. RoadWrinkle

    RoadWrinkle Member

    Obviously you realize none of the big manufacturers are going to have anything above 350-500 watt motors with 48 volt batteries size. HPC in So Cal builds eMTB's with more balanced designs and the huge wattage and voltage you might be used to. These bikes are still heavy with all that battery; and there is the issue of whether or not you are concerned with being "street legal" (even on public trails). When you look at the range of good quality eMTBs available, you will see the designs, components, and drive systems are all similar, so its clear these are the best ways to build them to date.
  8. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Well-Known Member

    Focus Jam Squared.
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  9. Bike_On

    Bike_On Well-Known Member

    A real Mtn biker with real Mtn bike tastes. The demands of the trail are real and forth telling. A cheap trail or mtn bike will not perform or last. Same thing applies to MTN ebikes. The extra weight demands higher end and rugged components. For 2-3 lbs, sacrificing weight for strength is my motto. Go for lighter/small battery and stay 350 or less watts when riding to support a good hour ride, but less weight.

    Eddie recommend KTM, but he is in Britain.
  10. EddieJ

    EddieJ Well-Known Member

    Care to expand upon that by saying why?

    Subject to intended use, I'd certainly recommend KTM, but that isn't to say that they are the best. To my mind, there is no best.

    There are too many variables to come to a conclusion of what is the best bike, but KTM represents the best available to me, and my use. I have yet to see anything on the market that would draw me away from either the brand, or the support that is offered. To this end, I just recently placed an order for a new hardtail eMTB to replace the current one.

    Some of my riding antics can be found here. and here

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  11. Mountie111

    Mountie111 New Member

    until a month ago I was in the same boat, looked at many bikes only ridden a couple but I decided to buy a Turbo Levo Expert, I have to say I have been really happy with my purchase so far. I'm planning my first real rides for this upcoming weekend and can't wait. It feels extremely natural to ride and I find I leave it in trail mode 90% of the time as Turbo feels way to much assist lol. But this might change once I do a few climbs lol. Take the plunge and buy a bike....
  12. elyhim

    elyhim Member

    Leave it in turbo - coasting uphill is fun!

    Buy a bike, take the plunge. Soon everyone that said they wouldn't ride one will be riding them.
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  13. Quator94

    Quator94 New Member

    I really like the Haibike Xduro Series.
    E Bike Test
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  14. elyhim

    elyhim Member

    Trek Powerfly 9 is very nice, I've got the Powerfly 8 FS.
  15. trebor

    trebor New Member

    I didn't buy one yet. Now I am thinking that I want dual suspension, 650B+ tires, 140mm tor more of suspension travel, and Brose-S or STEPS. Turbo Levo battery is getting to be small - 504 at most and 460 for models below Comp. The 2018 Bulls E-Cores are 750 with STEPS motors. The model AM or TR2 looks like what I want. Or if I like the Brose feel more, then the E-STREAM EVO AM4 or AM3. Or Maybe AtomX Lynx 6.