Best Electric Bikes Under $1000?

Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by Zeayo, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Zeayo

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    I'm currently looking for an Electric Bike to use as transportation to work. I would be biking around 7 miles a day. Looking to order online.

    The bike I currently have in my Amazon cart waiting to buy is an ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike for $620 (Just went up from $600...) and it goes up to 15mph, possibly 18mph according to some reviewers.

    I'm willing to spend more, but I can't seem to find the right bike that has good reviews, is under the $1000 mark (Really wouldn't want to spend more than $900 but if it's worth it to spend the extra money I will do it.), and goes 20mph or more.

    Basically I'm looking for an Electric Mountain Bike that goes 20mph or more (higher the speed the better), doesn't look ridiculous, and is a good bang for the buck. Any suggestions?

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  3. Lenny

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    You may regret your decision to purchase sight unseen if you encounter a problem sometime down the line.
    What bikes have you tried? That should dictate your search process..
  4. SuperGoop

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  5. Dewey

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    Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent AIR for $1095 plus free shipping, it's a mountain bike that can get up to 28mph. The 8.8ah battery would be enough for your commute. Court reviewed it recently and placed it on his Editors Choice list for Best Affordable electric bikes for 2016/2017. Currently it is sold out in medium and large size but they're taking orders for delivery in May.
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  6. Esteban Raposo

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    Have you checked out Populo Bikes yet? The Populo Sport is $999 and great overall value. This bike is meant for riders that don't mind a sportier and less comfortable ride, but want an electric bike that is light and inexpensive.
    Check out
  7. ReallyGoodEbikes

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    This is certainly one of the sweet spots with respect to price. I have not ridden the Ancheer or talked with an owner myself, but I am familiar with a number of other models around the $1,000 price point. Before deciding, take a look at the X-Treme X-Cursion ($899), Joulvert Playa Journey ($995), Green Bike USA GB1 ($S1,049) and the Emojo Lynx ($1,099). And don't hesitate to call if you would like to discuss more options. Steve 805-881-3365 :)
  8. fredi

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    I think the best eBike Under $1000 is one that you build. A 750 watt mid drive kit with a Panasonic lithium battery for $750 can't be beat, just find a nice $250 donor Mountain Bike. If you want a better bike in a couple of years, move the kit over. If you decide later that you want even more power you can upgrade the motor to 1000 watts. To make the build easy take the donor bike to your local bike shop and have them remove the bottom bracket cartridge. I'm in the mist of doing this with my old box-store mountain bike so our daughter can keep up with us on our expensive 350 watt ebikes. The only problem I see is that we may not be able to keep up with her.
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  9. ebikest

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    Sondors X fat with 7-speed shimano upgrade. Comes with 500w 48v 17aH battery, best deal for around $1000
  10. hitoby

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    I regret to say I've purchased an Ancheer electric mountain bike from Here's my review:
    DO NOT buy this ebike! Especially do not buy it from CNDirect. I my experience, CNDirect ships expensive, bad quality products that break in 2 weeks. Their idea of customer support is to offer you $30 restitution for the $600 you paid for your product when it breaks. They will "try" to help you fix it, ask you to wait, then when your patience runs out, they say you cannot return it because they've stalled you longer than the 30 day return period. All the bike shops I've taken this ebike to say it needs a new controller to function. However, neither the manufacturer nor the seller are able to provide a replacement part.
    My interactions with CNDirect have now included dozens of emails with videos and photos of the problem, and they just continue to suggest I get it repaired at a bike shop. I've taken it to three bike shops at this point, and no one can fix it without the new controller.
    In summary: this is a $600 pile of garbage, but the headache of dealing with customer service for no result is very painful, so perfect ebike for the self-loathing masochist. You have been warned.
    There are a lot of youtube videos that make this look like an attractive option, and perhaps it works for some. My experience has been spectacularly awful so far.
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  11. harryS

    harryS Active Member

    I do agee with Fredi. One can build a nice bike using kit motors, and it gives some people enough experience that they can maintain it. However, in most cases one can spend more than what an inexpensive ebike will cost, and one may not have components that are any better. My first ebike cost around $500 for motor/battery and while it is no world beater on performance at 18 mph, no better than the Ancheer, it has been reliable. The Luna deal of$750 for a BBS02/battery, actually more like $850 after you add a charger and shipping, is pretty reasonable too. You get a better performing bike with a full time throttle.

    A generic controller for that Ancheer, by the way, is less than $50 on ebay, but since its connectors won't match up, there's a lot of wiring work.
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  12. rich c

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    I'd hope they already have a bike, the post started on April 6th!