BH Easy Motion Rebel Lynx 5.5 Ride Report

Hi Everyone,

Just got back from an awesome 7.5 mile ride at Santiago Oaks Regional Park in Orange County, CA.

First time out on the Rebel Lynx 5.5 and a Yamaha PW-X powered ebike.

I ride pretty aggressive (former Downhill mountain bike racer) and this thing handles the climbs, woops, jumps with grace. It is really incredible to see such high quality trail worthy ebikes on the market.


The Yamaha PW was my favorite until I road the Brose, now with the PW-X, the tables have turned once again.

The power delivery is smooth but noticeable,it is very sensitive to your input and let's off with no delay. The assistance up to 120 RPM cadence is proper in keeping with mountain biking gearing.

It's still the 2nd quietest motor of the bunch,(Brose>Yamaha>Bosch>Shimano) which is huge when your on the trail at 8am with the birds chirping.


I'm very discerning when it comes to mountain bikes, most people arnt aware of the level at which I compare specs.

The BH Rebel Lynx 5.5 has a modern geometry, shorter chainstays and slacker Head tube angle.
This gives the bike a light feel, with an ultra confidant stance,very surefooted. I can rail a rock garden at 40 MPH on the trail and feel in control the whole time.
The overall ride feel has a lot to do with rear triangle flexion, which im happy to report is non-existent, a huge must in my book.

The Split Pivot Suspension kinematics give it a really positive pedaling platform on the uphill and endless travel on the downhill.


Brand name Ergon grips and Schwalbe Addix compound TIRES, they could have easily put on no name grips and the lower quality Schwalbe tires but they chose the high road. BH Easy Motion really pulled out the stops on this one.

Check out the aerial view of my ride on Relive:
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