Bike impossible to ride due to resistence

Discussion in 'BionX Forum' started by Victor Emanuel, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Victor Emanuel

    Victor Emanuel New Member

    Here is a clip with what happens: and here the problem is more evident: This is happening almost every time, when I ride.

    BUT on Console everything is ok . I am sure there is an issue with the engine. Cables are fine. I restarted everything. When I disconnect the battery / console everything w
    orks ok. The problem is only when on battery.
    If I use maximum level of assistance it is a real battle between the acceleration and resistance . You can hear the noise..
    Any help please what should I do? It is very hard to find a dealer where I live.

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  3. BobG

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    Screenshot (25).jpg

    Victor- Is your derailleur bent out of shape? In your video it looks and sounds like it's hitting the spokes.
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  4. Ken S

    Ken S Member

    Agree with BobG. the derailer is hitting the spokes, surprised that you can't see the wear on the spokes.
  5. Rich Reano

    Rich Reano New Member

    Should the chain be on the other side of the metal tab? Make sure the chain isn't rubbing on this tab.

    2017-07-19 10_14_11-Shared album - Victor Emanuel - Google Photos.png
  6. Victor Emanuel

    Victor Emanuel New Member

    Hello, Thank you all. No, there is a problem with the engine pins, as I heard. I need to send it to a service, but is expensive for me.