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Nick S

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I'm riding mostly in an urban environment without bike lanes, and often need to move into the center of the lane when passing parked cars. I have some neck pain from an injury which makes it hard to really crank my head around to check if a car is approaching from the rear before I move out from the curb.

Can anyone recommend a good mirror? I'd be installing it on my Haibike Sduro Trekking RC. I'm using Ergon grips, but they're the classic GP1 style, so removing the end plug and inserting a bar end mirror would work.

Bonus points if it looks good. :)

I'm a little unsure about a mirror that would clamp around the bar, vs insert into the bar end, since the left side of the bar is already fairly crowded w/ the brake mount and the Yamaha drive controller. I would probably have to mount the mirror far enough towards the center that my shoulder would block the view into the mirror.

I found a Mirrycle MTB bar-end mirror on Amazon that has a ton of mostly positive reviews; anyone have any input on this one? It looks a little clunky, but safer riding may be worth an aesthetic tradeoff!

Thanks all!


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I have the Mirrcycle on my human powered commuter bike. It works ok (I'd give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10). It matches that bike better than some others because it is set up as a city commuter. But when I bought my ebike, Chris at Propel set me up with a Busch and Muller ebike mirror. I think it is this one (image below). It is much better than the Mirrcycle I have. It folds up easier and has a larger field of view. I think Busch and Muller has some other options as well.

Nick S

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Thanks for the reply, Over50. That looks like the "Busch & Müller 701 Mirror for E-Bikes". I think it looks a little nicer than the Mirrycle one. I'll see if I can find a source to get it from online.


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Try Chris Nolte at Propel Bikes in Brooklyn. I got it from his shop and I believe he has others as well. Its easier to get the bike through my front door with that Busch and Muller - it folds away really nicely (and matches my black bike perfectly)!


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I'm very happy with mine. It gets in and out of doors and you can see just as well as with bigger mirrors. The trick is to adjust the angle properly.



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I would probably have to mount the mirror far enough towards the center that my shoulder would block the view into the mirror.
I have this mirror. The arm is long enough to mount on the handlebar past the brake. Adjustable for height so you don't have to look down as far as with a bar end mirror. I dropped my bike on the other side and it didn't break off. Cheap and ugly but it does the job.

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Thank you for your replies, everywhere, I really appreciate it! I ended up going with the Busch & Müller 701 Mirror, which was delivered rapidly from Chris Nolte at Propel (thanks @Over50). JayVee, that looks really slick and I love how compact it is. The B & M mirror does fold in which helps with getting through narrow spaces, but it still sticks out a bit more than that.
I just picked up one of the Busch & Müller 701 Mirrors, replacing 1 year old "mirrcyle" mirror which was flopping around like a dead fish or if tightened too tight to adjust. It looks and functions very well, wider view, easy to adjust, and it folds forward or backwards so when I navigate narrow bridges with pedestrians I can fold it way (without the screws coming loose which was the issue with the previous product).
Wasn't cheap but you get what you pay for.
Yes it was hard to find as well. Can't figure out why very few carry the product.