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Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by Concetta, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Concetta

    Concetta New Member

    Hello all,
    I just love my new bike. I went for a long bike ride with my friends the last day and my bike is really awesome. Yesterday I got a mail that I have to attend a meeting, so I'll have to go out of state next week. While I'm out of state, I would like to store my bike in a safe place. I was thinking of indoor vehicle storage because my friends have said that they used to do so. Does anyone here have any other suggestion?? Where shall I store my bike?? If you have any opinion or suggestion please let me know.

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  3. E-Wheels

    E-Wheels Active Member

    Where do you store it normally?
  4. mrgold35

    mrgold35 Well-Known Member

    Not an option to store in your home or at the same friends you went on the bike ride with?
  5. Disraili Gammons

    Disraili Gammons New Member

    Been thinking about this a lot myself as weight and space are a issue for my garage.
  6. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    I just was gone for a month. I rented a little storage room to keep mine safe. About 100$ 5x7 room.
  7. Disraili Gammons

    Disraili Gammons New Member

    I've been thinking of a vertical design that is hinged much like the Velo shelf/pole design with the hooks. As I have an idea the would incorporate a modular shelving design like Craftsman or Gladiator. As I'm constantly worried that a standard hook like what they offer now with pull out of the wall and my bike will damage the car.
  8. harryS

    harryS Active Member

    Always a downer when it comes to ebike safety, my main concern would be the battery burning down my friend's place. Low probability, but stuff happens.

    I've been looking for an old grill as a fireproof place to store my batteries. Right now, I have some metal tool boxes in a clear spot in my garage for them.
  9. Disraili Gammons

    Disraili Gammons New Member

    The thing with lithium batteries is you must keep them not to cold and not to hot. As they will have problems. In the case of Bosch they will log it in the memory for the next time it sees the computer at the shop. So it will affect your warranty and the function of your battery. So don't leave your battery in a hot car. If you live in a desert area, be careful where you leave it. As far as storage, it will be fine anywhere that it won't be near flammable materials. The biggest problems are temperature and charging. Also if your bike is at a place you don't visit every few months, you need to consider your battery charging needs. Consider a wall timer like what you use for your lights. So once a week it keeps your battery alive. This way if you don't have a smart charger your won't come back to a dead battery that won't charge any more. As well it will reduce fire risk of having it plugged in all the time. Hope that helps.
  10. mrgold35

    mrgold35 Well-Known Member

    I've been leaning towards the Steadyrack vertical bike storage for my garage:

    I have an empty 3 car garage for my ebikes; but, I don't have the room to park a vehicle and the ebikes at the same time. I had an existing horizontal wall rack for my two 32 lbs Transeo GT commuter bikes and I had to mount the rack and lift both bikes above my head so they would clear the hood of my SUV. Most other low mounted racks stick out too far or require heavy lifting of my 50-60 lbs ebike to mount high enough to clear the car. It looks easy enough for my 4'11" wife to put on/off and the bike rack swings left and right to make room if space is tight.

    Steadyrack II.jpg Steadyrack.jpg
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  11. Disraili Gammons

    Disraili Gammons New Member

    Wow now that's what I'm talking about. I'm going to order some soon. Thanx for posting that.
  12. galvinro

    galvinro New Member

    Hanging it on the wall sounds like a good idea and it won't take much space.