BionX or bust!

Is the BionX the only system that has torque-sensing technology which gives you a boost of electric assist when you need it? I see so many systems that give you the 20%,40%,60%,80%,100% option to choose from but is that the same thing? I am a para with some small strength in my legs so I need assist and wonder what would work for me?


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you might want just a cadence sensor on your bike as it detects any pedal movement and applies the power at the level that is set.

just a thought.



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You should also consider a throttle option. My son is a Quad and has an arm bike set up that plugs in to his TiLite.


He uses the throttle to get up some momentum and then uses his crank arms to continue. His is a cadence sensor setup and works just fine, and like Andy in CA said it might be a better option and certainly available in many kits that are cheaper, use non proprietary components making them more future proof, and as good as BionX for your needs.

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