Bit the bullet.


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I already have a few eBikes but this is an addiction so after surfing all the sites and forums for a while I bought a Yukon. I was going to grab a Shred but the standard battery is 10ah which is too small and finding out they will no longer be offering any larger batteries I decided to get a volt. I read where a 16ah battery costs nearly $1000 (in Canada) so I concluded that a Yukon at under $2000 is a bargain. I've followed the Voltbike thread for quite a while and read all the posts about bad CS (like nearly every other brand) and that they didn't communicate but I have been pleasantly surprised that they've answered ever phone call I've made immediately, Bianca has been really patient and helpful. I don't live far from Vancouver and I hope to have the bike soon. I'm 80 years old and already have 6 eBikes but with a new bike I'm like a kid with a new toy.