Blix aveny making noises


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Hello all. I bought a blix aveny in June and I love it!! Its got about 600 miles on it and is what I use to commute daily. Just recently when I go over 17 mph in level 4 the motor starts making a sort of rattling grinding noise. It comes and goes so of course when I was at the bike shop it wasn't doing it. Has anyone experienced this? Should I be worried or just ignore?


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Wife's Aveny is under 400 miles and still runs very quiet. She uses the throttle A LOT, so she isn't particularly easy on the motor, but I don't think she uses level 4 assist very often, and she is not very good at knowing how to find the right combination of gear and pedal assist level. (Side note: I think this is more natural on mid drives than hub drives, but I don't ride her Blix very often and I have learned it is not a good idea to critique her riding style :) ). So far, we have been very happy with the Blix, so I hope your experience isn't a sign of a weakness in the Blix motor. Please let us know of any further developments with this problem.

rich c

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Don't ignore it. Pretty easy to split open the motor to check for gear lube or magnet coming loose.