Blix Aveny - more power, more range, more features... same price

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Blix is upping its game on several models, including their step through called the Aveny.

It's gone from 350 watts, and 36 volts, to now 500 watt motor, and 48 volts. At the same time, the battery capacity went to 14 amphours from 11.6 amphour. It doesn't sound like much, but that's a 61% increase in watthours or total capacity.

The tires are thicker now, at 2", which should improve ride comfort. And the rear rack is designed for different attachments with some new grocery style rear basket and other accessories. Also can add a front mounted rack and/or basket.

The display moving to center mounted by the stem is bound to be attractive to more riders.

The best part, is they are offering at the same $1899 price point, at a time when other vendors offering 500 watt, 48 volt batteries with less capacity have increased their prices $200 to $300 with no added value.

Prices for mid drives keep going up too, with very little fanfare or acknowledgement by the ebike crowd, in a near stealth like fashion by changing model names but not offering much more or any value. This seems to happen not bc of tariffs on several brands I have been tracking. Lots of hub drives are now getting into the low $2000's, and mid drives are creeping further into the $3000 and $4000, and even more models at $5000 and above.

This is NOT the right direction for the industry if it wants real growth.

Occasionally you have some gems like Aventon offering very nice quality and very rideable ebikes between $1000 and $1400. Otherwise it's mostly no name start ups and white label products, that are mere frame copies (no real engineering or R&D) from China down in the below $2000 price point, launching 'new' offerings into this space.

The bike industry has done themselves no favors over the past 30 years, by doing this with a lot of new products when they had a hint of success. (Ie. Immediately raising prices and more models with higher prices, less innovation for lower prices.) Let's see if they can learn from their prior mistakes or blow it once again with ebikes. ;)

This time with ebikes they do have way more competition from non industry short timers and new entrenurial blood, so maybe that will keep them in check ? I'm skeptical given their entrenched old boy network, with stodgy thinking, but remain cautiously optimistic. If they get their butts kicked a few hundred thousand times by firms like Rad, Sondors, Magnum, Pedego, etc who were not from mainstream industry players,maybe that will help ? But it looks like they are insisting with higher priced models, and shunning the population that just aren't in a position to spend above $2000 for an ebike.
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Thanks for the share! Looking forward to getting riders on the updated Aveny step-through and continuing to offer affordable and stylish e-bikes, yet with more power and utility. :)