BLOKS 19D LCD Display Settings


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Hey guys, today while visiting BULLS in Southern California, I was able to check out the 2019 E-Stream EVO AM 4 27.5+ electric mountain bike, which uses the new 14D compact LCD-Display control pad from BLOCKS, with the Brose Drive S Mag (Sport Magnesium) motor unit. This display is super small, easy to reach and use on the fly, fairly easy to read in bright light or darkness because its "transflective" and it keeps the handlebar relatively clear... though it is not removable and does not feature a USB charging port as some of the older BLOKS display units did. The video below goes into detail, I welcome your input in the comments below!

Quick tips:
  • The buttons on the BLOKS 14D include: Power, Lights, Set, Up, Down but the Up and Down are not labeled, you simply press the upper or lower portions of the display itself.
  • To reset trip distance, hold Down for several seconds
  • To activate walk mode, hold Up for several seconds (it will move the bike ~6km/h ~4mph)
  • To change units from miles to kilometers, hold the Set button for several seconds and then press Up or Down
Things I like about the display:
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Simple to navigate and read, but still contains menus such as range which are more advanced
  • Keeps the cockpit/handlebar area of the bike very clean and empty, perfect for mountain biking or mounting other accessories
  • The Up and Down button are both consistent and satisfying, they don't require a lot of precision or extra strength to get right
  • Some older BLOKS display units only had three "blocks" of assist level, but it's nice to have four and a new Flex mode from BULLS
Things that might be improved about the display:
  • The transflective LCD readout is legible in different lighting conditions but the convex clear glossy cover almost always creates some glare and you cannot read it easily when you're pushing up or down on the display itself
  • The LCD readout is very small, and it isn't as easy to interpret the Total, Trip, and Range readouts at the top, even when the bike is parked... they're just so small. Some manufacturers have chosen color displays so you can interpret a change of color vs. having to squint and read, but that's not the case here
  • The unit is not removable, does not swivel to reduce glare without a tool, and does not have a USB port for charging portable electronics
I have attached photographs below and welcome any further input, corrections, or additional shots, videos, and resources to help people get the most out of the new BLOKS 14D display panel :)