BMZ Battery repair

I have a BMZ battery (Bulls E-Stream Evo Series Battery) that won't charge. The Rosenberger connector pins on the charge side have been damaged.

I contacted both Bulls & BMZ North America, BMZ NA doesn't have the equipment in the US to diagnose and repair.

Any leads on how I might be able to get the battery repaired would be greatly appreciated.
Have you tried charging from the discharge side?
I did try this and was unsuccessful. I reached out to HI-C battery who believe the arc which caused the damage to the connector also damaged the battery management system. They gave me a lead on a site in Germany that perform this but I would have to remove the BMS for shipping!!
I still have this battery but have had no luck in finding someone to repair it. I contacted BMZ North America but they don't have repair options at this time. Luna Cycles are also sold out of Rosenberger connectors and I can't find another site that sells them. Any ideas?